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Hi and welcome to this site.

We've produced a shit-ton of music last year and, for reasons I don't quite understand, put off releasing most of it. This label and website were created mostly so that I feel more pressure to share as I go and avoid this problem in the future.

As for Ljos, there's a piano-centered EP waiting, and another one recorded in an indie rock arrangement, with live drumming and all that.

Making both of them was a much needed break from all the editing and processing and recording thirteen layers of vocal harmonies.

There's also an EP of alternative rap/R&B, with Ola Budzyńska reciting Polish poetry over beats I made - this one is especially exciting, as it's very far from anything we've released so far.

Many more singles are waiting that work on their own  -  some pop-leaning tracks we did for fun, a couple of EDM collaborations, a couple of remixes.

I hope to share all of that this year, and hopefully keep making even more music.

In the meanwhile, have a listen to two of our last year's releases: 

Songs For The Patient and Impressions.

I've recently put them up on our Bandcamp. Some of you have already noticed and supported us there - thanks!