A sonic journey into the past with a modern twist. This debut EP features a retro-inspired sound that draws listeners in from the very start.

Heavily echoed and filtered vocals create a haunting and ethereal atmosphere. 

Accompanied by beautiful viola parts, the songs feature plenty of crescendos that keep the listener engaged and entranced.

Backbone of the sound, reminiscent of the experimental sounds of Son Lux, brings a raw energy that perfectly complements the album's introspective lyrics. 

Ola has crafted an album that is sure to resonate with fans of experimental music and beyond.

Ola Budzyńska


music & lyricsAleksandra Budzyńska
production, mix & masterKuba Kutera
artworkAdam Pakuła

Flame on my face
From the lighter you found out

Breaking to the church

Of own crimes

Flowing all around

Growing in the ground

I never asked them to grieve

They never asked me to be

2. Flickers

Waiting for the ice 
Beggin’ for a snow 
Surrounding every little moment of the ground  

The air is gettin’ cold 
Stinging our throats 
But we decided to go  


Never worried about 
Something written in cards  

Im waking late at night 
Hold my neck in your hands 
When my body falls down  

I get used to the light 
I’ll be sleeping next night  

3. Fix my mind

Don’t lie if you want me
Can’t try if they love it 
I went down but I’ll wake up  

I’m scared of everything 
That could help you fix my mind  

Fix my mind 

4. Intrepid

Nothing left to say 
Something softly cries in rain
Something’s broken in my head 
But some part of him has stayed  


There is no similar fear 
Something makes my skin goes thrill 
Something scares us more than everything 
Something makes us irrebile
Nothing makes us intrepid  

5. Coda