The Hearing



musicMaciek Tacher
lyricsPatryk Banach
productionPatryk BanachKuba Kutera
mix & masterPatryk Banach
artworkPatryk Banach via Midjourey

Writing's on the wall

and who's to say I found it

the hearing was intact

no conflicts were established

We all looked down, or the other way

We had to feed our families 

and one can picture the disarray 

We had no part in raising

But my conscious is clear

though my hands shake

you'll see no tough smile on my face

and I dealt with my draw

with no heartache

just a scent of chill on some wistful nights

I'm not surprised by your indignant stand

rather like one that I'd make 

and you truly think that dice would bring your way

a stronger, firm command

oooh some nights

oooh some nights

just a little chill

on some wistful nights